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Ticket #17849 came to my desk today, and I want to use this as an example of what goes on behind the scenes on the Admin level.  This member reported they were not getting Cookie Rewards for their Broadcasts and we investigated.  What happened was their broadcasts were placed in the Abuse folder of the Broadcaster Database in error–human error.  The email of this Broadcaster was flagged as Abuse and that flag placed ALL of their broadcasts into the Abuse folder.  When a Broadcaster attempts to use the broadcasts of another person as their own and requests Admin approval and a manual review is done by a human on the Admin team, one of the options is Abuse.  If it appears the Broadcaster is attempting to cheat the system by claiming someone else’s broadcasts as their own, then that will flag all of the broadcasts submitted by this broadcaster and place them all into the Abuse folder once a human reviews it manually, and that makes it so this Broadcaster can’t get Cookie Rewards for Broadcasting.  Any attempts to cheat the system comes with appropriate penalties.  In this case human error was involved on the part of Admin and we have apologised to this member, and Approved ALL of their Broadcasts, which are ALL excellent, the Broadcaster in this case has done a beautiful job, and we really appreciate their Broadcasts.  As you can all see in the image below, all 18 of their broadcasts have been Approved in the Current Status column.

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Use your imagination to consider what happens when a member submits a Support Ticket in the Help Desk system.  It is a human Support Team person that has to make sense out of what that member is saying, broken English is very common because we are a global network of members and English in many cases is not that members native language.  Once that Support Team person understands the issue then they send the ticket to the department that can investigate the issue.  Corrections in data are made as needed as part of the investigation process and the ticket is returned to that Support Team person with instructions.  When the Support Team person completes the instructions the member is informed through the ticketing system and the ticket is closed.  That’s what the process looks like for each and every ticket that comes in to the Help Desk.  FAQ’s generally get a copy and paste response because certain questions are so common.

If the Database developers notice a common trend in issues that come to them from the Support Team, then further database development may be needed to automate the resolution so the issues coming in are reduced.  This is an ongoing thing in the world of database development.  The first database people interface with us in Kringle Cash is the registration database and we currently have over 50 million registrations in it right now.  We stopped counting email verified memberships in June of 2018, and have since only counted PAID members in our membership ongoing.  Then new members interface the Profile database and add additional contact information in there.  Next members interface the Payment databases to take care of the Admin fee and that connects to several 3rd party databases to calculate the amount to be paid since the price of Bitcoin and such change every second and can leap up or down in price over the course of a single hour.  We have no control over the development of 3rd party databases and have to do updates regularly to keep the APIs functioning optimally.  We have many databases within including the Send Button Test, Broadcasters, Genealogy Tree, Invitations, Referrals, all of the Calculators in the Info area, Testimonials, Cookie Rewards and all the sub databases for each category of rewards, Send Button related databases, and Cash Centers.  It’s alot of moving parts combined together and has to be coded is such a way as to deal with cyber attacks and user errors, and the Admin fee of 4 (gr) doesn’t even cover 10 minutes of a Database Developers time.  We have some new layout designs being developed by our Website Development team in the Sandbox and as budgets allow we are moving those along.  I haven’t even mentioned what our Coin Development team is working on, but many are happy we now have a QR Code system that works well and love how fast the transactions confirm.  I’ve asked the Database Developers to add a PAID column in the Referral area so each of YOU can easily see which ones of Your Registrations have PAID or Not PAID.  Only a couple hundred thousand members have PAID out of the 50 million registrations in the database and we could do a much better job in the field getting members PAID if YOU could identify which ones haven’t yet.

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Behind the scenes are many teams working hard in your behalf as members such as a Legal Team that has been busy doing some magical things regarding The Matter of The Billion Coin and the US SEC. Soon they will be off our backs because WE ARE PRIVATE, and this Legal Team has been laying down the groundwork with our Banking Team in a world that is ever changing at hyper speeds.  “What was true a year ago, no longer applies today.”  We have a Support Team behind the Help Desk and a Commissioner dealing with a tremendous workload, and we need all of our members to be even more honest than they have been.  Scammers try to Scam Admin too.  But we don’t make it easy for them at all!  Each of our members needs to take the personal responsibility not to fall for 3rd Party TBC Scams, I have written so many articles on that subject and could write a new one everyday based on the things going on.  Just do business with people YOU know, like and trust, and stop looking for a magic button to push.  The whole point of this blog is to educate YOU on how to make this work so that TBC empowers YOU!  We have a Coin Development team, and we have amazing plans for the future.  The Website Development team has many specialities and Database development isn’t cheap!  I’m part of the Administrative and Management team and we adjust policy as needed.  While we are in the Distribution Phase as a non-market-based-coin that is PRIVATE, none of us can easily use Kringles to provide for our personal needs as human beings, YET!  This is why we accept coins such as Bitcoin and that is liquid today to use to pay the bills.  Paydays are weekly for our teams, and it takes alot of Admin Fees to add up to pay the bills.

With a Mission to End Poverty globally, long ago I made the decision to make the Admin fee very, very low and affordable for the masses on Earth.  Operational bills are paid weekly from the funds generated in collecting Admin fees.  This has worked fine and we are balanced.  Teams have come into existence and have grown as a result of community growth and payments of the Admin fee.  TBC has always paid its own way, from the start until now allowing us to be PRIVATE.  We have a big Mission and being PRIVATE allows us to move forward without serious interference.  Hope YOU understand that even if the Admin fee was monthly, it would still be low enough to gather 1 Billion members with ease.  For now, we offer a two for one deal on the Admin fee.  4 (gr) of Bitcoin or whatever covers both the Lifetime Wallet fee and the Annual Kringle Cash back office fee.  That needs to be seen as an AMAZING DEAL!  Because it is!!!  YOU don’t pay for transactions, EVER!  That sets our coin apart from all the rest in a very big way!  Most marketing groups charge a monthly fee for back office access that would be equivalent to 10 (gr) or more, but our fee for such is only 4 (gr) annually.  Marketing through Kringle Cash can bring in daily Cash Flow of at least 40 (gr) a DAY, even for a brand new member.  TBC can easily be a full-time work, if YOU want it to be.  40 (gr) adds up alot faster than 4 (gr) does.  Costs for participation are super low compared to the gains that can be received by those that take this great work seriously.  Once that PAID column shows up in the Referral area of (KCBO) I hope YOU will do YOUR part by reaching out to all the unpaid referrals YOU have and bring them up to date and encourage them to pay the Admin fee.  Then monitor that area carefully ongoing and keep YOUR newest members encouraged to go ahead and pay this low fee too.  It seems a bit out of balance to me that only a couple hundred thousand have paid the fee in a database of 50 million.  We can improve this at YOUR level in the field by following the Fast Start system.  Ultimately ALL members that pay, will either become Millionaires or Billionaires and it doesn’t get any easier than this to make that happen.  We have a plan, and it is working.  All YOU have to do is open YOUR eyes to see that, that is true!  Soon we will celebrate our 3rd Year Anniversary, and I hope we will have filled in all of the Billionaire positions before that date.  Billionaire is BEST!!!

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