Using an Admin Credit on someone unwilling to find the way to pay their Admin fee on the 1st of November is very unwise!  1,051,893 Admin Credits have been issued so far, and 17,227 of them have been used during the month of October.  Some of YOU have already used 6 Admin Credits this month already, did YOU get those to commit to making the Admin fee payment on the 1st of November?  If YES, then did YOU teach them how to make this digital payment?  If NOT, then YOU still have time to prepare them for PAYDAY!  It’s NOT just PAYDAY for YOU, it is also PAYDAY for them!  Let’s unite the TBC community around PAYDAYS–the 1st of each month!

I have many projects standing by to build, but each requires funding.  Some are asking if this will be the Last Redemption Period in November.  That depends on YOU collectively.  It doesn’t depend at all on me.  I’m ready, I just need about $100,000.00 extra to automate Cookie Rewards into Kringle Rewards where the rewards are given instantly when the activities that generate rewards are completed on an individual basis.  Automation means programing and I pay the team that would build this $65 an hour in Bitcoin; and they could have this done by the end of November if we raise the needed money on the 1st.  I’d like to hire a master blockchain developer to build our new blockchain, but I need to raise at least a million dollars to even start such a project.  The list of projects go on and on.  I have many things planned, I just need the money to build them.  We are self-funding which means we pay our own way.  Don’t be confused, I’m NOT saying that I take out of my pocket the money to build anything, from the beginning I have taken funds raised by the TBC community to pay our way forward.  It has always been that way.  There is nothing magical about it, I don’t have a tree in my garden that grows money.  “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

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As YOU can tell when YOU visit YOUR own Referral Link that our message revolves around filling JOBS!  It is WRONG to call this Network Marketing!  It’s a straight commission SALES JOB!  50% commission is paid out daily on the revenue generated!  TBC does NOT pay out on a downline!  YOUR main attention should go towards YOUR personal Referrals, because that is where YOUR pay comes from!  We need a Sales Force of at least a Million Sales People to build our TBC community to 1Billion with 50Million existing Merchants!  The Billion Members that don’t treat TBC like a JOB will be the Gift Receivers!  Getting this JOB is NOT automatic, the Member has to opt in by becoming a Full-Timer–this is covered in every Send Button Meeting.  We already have enough regular members to be substantial in the world.  Now we need more people to come in and treat TBC like a JOB!  This is the way forward, and the way we will raise the needed funds!

As part of the Pathway Out of Poverty we are providing JOBS!  During the Economic Phase of TBC each of YOU will be guided to start businesses of YOUR own wrapped around YOUR purpose in life.  YOU need to learn how to hire and train Salespeople to move YOUR businesses forward.  Bitcoin Bounties provide a simple and risk free way of cutting YOUR teeth in learning how to hire and train salespeople.  POOR people need to learn this skill in order to become a productive part of the TBC/Kringle Economy that we are building now.  WE ARE NOT HERE TO CATER TO THE WEAK!!!  We do NOT want to appear to be something that has NO strength!  The principle behind what we are doing now is: “Help those willing to help themselves.”  THIS IS NOT A CHARITY!  HOW CAN IT BE???  Either POOR people want a Pathway Out of Poverty, or they DON’T!  We are NOT worried about those that DON’T!  Our attention is going towards that DO!

Some of our old members think they can’t afford to pay the $25 Admin fee!  Don’t they have a TBC wallet in their possession with more than $25 in it?  The only thing stopping them from selling $25 of Kringles in order to pay the Admin fee is THEMSELVES and their weak MINDS!!!!  We invite them to change their minds!  Poverty is a Mental Condition!  What would happen if all of the POOR people of the world change their MINDS?  Our Mission to End Poverty globally requires the POOR to change their MINDS!  Once I changed my mind I went from being POOR to becoming a Millionaire, long before I started TBC.  It is just how it is!  YOU can’t force POOR people out of poverty, YOU have to lead and guide them out of poverty, and each chooses their own speed to get out of poverty.

So, be careful who YOU use an Admin Credit on because once YOU use it, there is no going back!  If YOU do this the right way, it will be easy for YOU to make YOUR payment of the Admin fee on PAYDAY!



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