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The “Cookie” reward was once just an idea, but it is quickly taking shape and soon you will see its program in your Kringle Cash back office.  I just want to clear up some confusion and some concerns that have shown up.  First of all let me explain what the “Cookie” reward is to all of you with some additional clarifications.  Everyone knows how points and point systems work.  Like how parents use points all the time on sets of chores for the kids to do, because not all chores are created equal, and then at the end of each week points get converted into cash allowance.  Well to maintain our Kringle theme we are calling our points “Cookies.”  One Cookie is equal in value to one Kringle Coin.  (1 Cookie = 1 Kringle Coin)  It has always been Admin’s intent to create a well balanced “Abundance-based” global economy.  The Elites have really messed up our entire world with their systems of artificial scarcity.  It’s time for humanity to mature and embrace its full potential through living by the truth of abundance.  Yes, this is a plan for the whole of humanity and we are succeeding in spreading the news about it.

The attempt to sell out all of the Proof of Stake (POS) coins within the first 6 months failed due to Discounters of TBC coins.  Admin could have given up then and just pulled the plug on the whole idea.  But instead, Admin pressed forward and came up with some creative ways to distribute the remaining Stake and “Cookies” is the biggest and best idea so far.

Admin Wallet

The image above is the main wallet of Admin.  As you can see it currently holds 410,448,443 TBC coins.  Admin also had to halt rolling out mining to all of the Members because of Discounters too and so far Admin has been the only one Mining TBC.  Collectively Admin has mined 131,520,000 TBC coins so far and that’s a grand total of 541,968,443 TBC coins that Admin is holding.  Does that sound balanced to you?  How much money is that today?  € 165,925,817,537,591.00 and it is going up in value by 2% daily now.  Admin wants the Members to have this money!  So, Admin came up with a plan to create a million Billionaires and billion Millionaires with the “Cookie” reward program.


COOKIE REWARDS–For the Billionaires in the Blue part of the chart

Pay $10 KC Fee and Purchase at least (a set of $100) of TBC from a Trusted Seller = 100,000,000 Cookies (Billionaire Status at maturity of TBC Coin)  So this is also per set.  For example, if you purchase $500 of TBC your Cookie reward will be 500,000,000 Cookies.

Get 100 Referrals (Per Set) =  1,000,000,000 Cookies (10 Billionaire Status at maturity of TBC Coin)

COOKIE REWARDS–For the Millionaires in the Green part of the chart

Pay $10 KC Fee and Purchase at least (a set of $100) of TBC from a Trusted Seller = 100,000 Cookies (Millionaire Status at maturity of TBC Coin)  So this is also per set.  For example, if you purchase $500 of TBC your Cookie reward will be 500,000 Cookies.

Get 100 Referrals (Per Set) =  1,000,000 Cookies (10 Millionaire Status at maturity of TBC Coin)

We can assume that the Members that came in the earliest are the ones that had the hardest time building up TBC as they laid the foundation for the future growth and deserve a 1,000 times better reward for their efforts!

Imagine a world without poverty!  Imagine a world of total abundance where a million people (not just a few hundred people) are Billionaires, and that there are also a billion Millionaires and everyone has a good paying job and purpose in life.  How will this world of mutual abundance affect crime, war, and general human misery?  I believe the evils we see in our world today would all just wash away once we all embrace the truth of abundance.

Some are concerned that this “Cookie” idea is kind of like Admin discounting the TBC coin.  We’ll, it is not!  This is “Stake” distribution.  Since Admin is not selling these coins, but instead Admin is gifting these coins to ALL of the Members, it is clearly not Admin discounting the TBC coins.  Furthermore, since distribution is done in sets then this equalizes all purchases and everything is proportionate.  So, if a Buyer purchases only $100 then their reward is proportionate to that of just 1 set, but another Buyer that buys $500 is getting 5 sets of the same reward.  I hope that is clear.  To add additional clarity, you need to see this dynamically.  Simple minds do have a hard time understanding dynamics, but let’s give this a go anyway.  Think in terms of benefits of purchase.  When you purchase from a Trusted Seller your “Immediate” benefit is tied to the 1% to 5% daily increase in the value of your TBC coins purchased.  The “Deferred” benefit will be delivered by Admin on a Christmas Day either 2017 or 2018 and that is the “Cookie” reward.  Every purchase retroactively is treated exactly the same, and all purchases are balanced perfectly.  The Stake will be cleared out, and with such huge benefits selling TBC will be even easier.  Win for Buyer; Win for Seller; and Win for TBC including Admin.


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