You can only REDEEM Cookies one time during a Redemption Period, and it is recommended that you wait until the end of a Redemption Period before you click on the Redeem Now button because you still have time to add more Cookies before you redeem them. The months of May and November are the Redemption Periods and any Cookies left over from one Redemption Period can be redeemed in the next Redemption Period.
DISTRIBUTION PHASE: We are currently in the Distribution Phase of rolling out a full blown mature TBC/Kringle global economy. The level of liquidity of Kringle coins depends on how wide spread merchants around the world accept Kringles as a medium of exchange for their goods and services and we believe Kringles will become very liquid once we reach our objective of 1 Billion members. When we launched TBC the Admin Wallet had 1 Billion TBC coins in it and Cookie Rewards was set up as the mechanism to move all of those TBC coins out of the Admin Wallet into the Wallets of about 1 Billion members. The movement of these coins are not done as a transaction, members do not purchase these coins from Admin, these coins are rewards for completing beneficial tasks which help us reach our objective of gathering 1 Billion members. One way of looking at this to understand it would be to think of the Admin Wallet as a Central Bank, and the Wallets of 1 Billion members as the local retail banks and the Central Bank stocks up all of the other banks with enough currency to maintain an economy.

COOKIE REWARDS: Cookies work just like a point system, they are NOT a form of currency. Each member is encouraged to complete certain beneficial tasks which help us reach our objective of gathering 1 Billion members. When these tasks get verified then the Cookies allotted for such tasks show up here and are accounted for within the VIEW DETAILS area.

BROADCASTER BILLIONAIRE COOKIE REWARDS: There are exactly 1,111,111 BILLIONAIRE positions to fill during the Distribution Phase and once all of these positions are filled the Broadcaster Billionaire Cookie Rewards will be closed and only Basic Millionaire Cookie Rewards will remain until we reach our objective of 1 Billion members. Some of Broadcaster Billionaire Cookie Rewards are 1,000 times higher than the Basic Millionaire Cookie Rewards. Cookie Rewards are adjusted as needed by Admin during the Distribution Phase. All members are encouraged to Broadcast ongoing, especially those that will become TBC Billionaires because this Abundance Movement requires a strong voice to pull humanity out of a financial system based on the deception of Artificial Scarcity and human enslavement by the Elite. Our combined voices must one day overcome the accumulative power of the Elite and their evil plans for humanity. We are in an INFOWAR and may the truth prevail for the sake of humanity.

GIFT: The leading approach our members take to bring in new members is by offering a redeemable Gift of 25,000 Cookies to those they associate with outside of our TBC Community. This Gift carries great potential value. Once we fully mature with 1 Billion members each TBC coin will be worth 1 Billion grains of gold (gr). So, ultimately this Gift will be worth 250,000 grains of gold (gr). You can go here to calculate what that value is: The Gift is already very valuable today and as we grow in members the value of our coins only goes up until we have reached our objective of 1 Billion members. To redeem these 25,000 Cookies into Kringles you need to have paid the Lifetime Wallet Fee and completed the Send Button Test. While the coins are a gift, the wallet is NOT FREE, it costs 4 (gr). We have two Redemption Periods a year, the months of May and also November and each member must click the Redeem Now button and complete the redemption process which is very easy.

RAPID REWARDS: Rapid Rewards refer to the Rapid 24 Hour Referral and the Rapid 48 Hour Referral Cookie Rewards. New members are encouraged to get off to a fast start in contributing towards building up the TBC community to assist us in reaching our objective of 1 Billion members as fast as possible. A set of timers are placed on the Dashboard of the Kringle Cash Back Office (KCBO) once the payment of the Admin Fee of 4 (gr) has been confirmed as PAID.

RAPID 24 HOUR REFERRAL: New members have 24 hours to bring in 2 new PAID members before the 24 Hour Timer runs to zero to collect the Cookies for completing this task. The Cookie Reward for successfully completing this task today is 10,000,000 Cookies. Once all of the BILLIONAIRE positions are filled this reward will drop to 50,000 Cookies.

RAPID 48 HOUR REFERRAL: New members have 48 hours to encourage and assist their 2 new referrals to also each get 2 PAID referrals for a total of 4 referrals on their second level before the 48 Hour Timer runs to zero to collect the Cookies for completing this task. The Cookie Reward for successfully completing this task today is 100,000,000 Cookies. Once all of the BILLIONAIRE positions are filled this reward will drop to 250,000 Cookies.

EXCHANGE OF 40 (gr): Kringles can be exchanged for anything of equal value such as goods and services and other currencies. 40 (gr) worth of Kringles need to be exchanged to collect this Cookie Reward. All members are encouraged to complete a transaction equal to 40 (gr) within their 1st week of membership with either their Sponsor or a Partner within the TBC community. Multiples of 40 (gr) multiplies this reward as well. For example if the transaction was worth 80 (gr) then that would double the Cookie Reward, and so on. Both the Receiver and Sender need to confirm these transactions inside the Transaction Verification area of the (KCBO) in order to collect this Cookie Reward. Committing fraud in an attempt to collect more of this Cookie Reward can result in being removed from the TBC community, there is no room for dishonesty within our TBC community and Admin does check every transaction on the blockchain resulting in this Cookie Reward. Obviously, this is a very rewarding task to do and multiple transactions are encouraged during the Distribution Phase to collect multiples of this reward. Broadcaster Billionaires get 1,000 times more than the Basic Millionaires for their transactions. 100,000,000 Cookies is way better than 100,000 Cookies, so seriously consider the value of doing regular broadcasts and attending weekly Send Button Meetings.

MEETINGS: In order to unify our TBC community and keep all of our members updated we hold weekly Send Button Meetings on YouTube in multiple languages. Once you have PAID the Admin Fee and completed the Send Button Test, a Send Button area will open up within (KCBO). You must be a member in good standing to have a Send Button in your Wallet, and things that can get your Send Button turned off are discussed in each of these meetings. An Abundance Based economy is a new idea in contrast to the world as we know it today, and yet it is based on fundamental truths that have been forgotten or brainwashed out of mankind. We expect resistance to this idea, and our TBC community must make a unified stance to change the world for the better. Technology should uplift humanity instead of enslaving it inside a high-tech-control-grid type prison planet. These weekly meetings fortify the spirits of all that attend or view them. Here again, Broadcaster Billionaires get 1,000 times more than the Basic Millionaires for their attendance or viewing. A keyword is given during each of these meetings in order to collect on this Cookie Reward. You can earn multiples of this Cookie Reward weekly by viewing these meetings in the different languages available. Stand with us; attend these meetings.

REFERRALS 100+: Builders within the TBC Community that get 100 personal referrals receive this Cookie Reward and all members are encouraged to build up our membership towards the objective of 1 Billion members. Multiple sets of 100 referrals get multiple Cookie Rewards for their efforts. How fast would we get to 1 Billion members if 100 got 100 and so on? The reward of 1,000,000,000 Cookies will last until we have filled the BILLIONAIRE positions, then each referral after that will receive a Cookie Reward of 100,000. We will do away with the sets of 100 referrals once the BILLIONAIRE positions are filled and then just reward 100,000 Cookies for each referral after that. So, right now is the best time to be a Builder in TBC.

BROADCASTS: We love our Broadcasters! I know it is hard to imagine this right now, but TBC has a path for 1,111,111 to become Billionaires. The world the Elite created is ugly by comparison of what we are doing to lift humanity into a perpetual state of prosperity and abundance. While there is talk of a global economic collapse happening all around us, TBC has set its sights on a brighter future for humanity by cutting to the core what needs to be done to embrace the truth about Abundance being the most natural thing on Earth. Broadcasters will help others to come to understand this truth. Currently, the 1% own 99% of all the wealth in the world today, that is a fact even if you are not aware of it. This is the result of a rigged financial system that makes the rich richer and the poor poorer. It’s the truth that will set us FREE! Find the courage within yourself to discover the truth and to share the truth. Become a Broadcaster! Broadcasters gather Cookies faster than all the other members, and that is for a good reason. Their voices make the difference. Become a Broadcaster! Broadcasters get 1,000,000 Cookies for every broadcast they do that gets approved by Admin. Setting up a broadcast and getting them approved by Admin can be found in the Send Button area of (KCBO). Once you learn how to do a broadcast on YouTube, it gets easier and easier to do them like anything else in life. As a Broadcaster you will discover YOUR VOICE!

NOTE: You must complete your Profile and answer all of the security questions before a REDEEM NOW button will appear during a Redemption Period. Be sure to include a real picture of yourself in your Profile because people like to do business with people they know, like, and trust. How are they going to get to know you without even seeing your picture? Think about that! Below we are recognizing the achievers of the Rapid Rewards, we’d love to see the pictures of all of them. So, complete your Profile TODAY!

This is a copy of the text on the Cookie Rewards Page in KCBO.

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