Imagine paying full price for a professional plumber while getting the result of a novice apprentice plumbers helper.  That could happen if a partially trained plumber decided to become an independent business operator and advertised that he could take care of all your plumbing needs, and after you hired him he discovered your plumbing needs were more complicated than what he expected.  He may fool you and you end up paying full price for a crappy job, and a day later you come home to a basement that is flooded.  How is that going to make you feel?

We just completed an extension of a Redemption Period and now thousands of YOU have tens of millions of dollars of TBC in YOUR wallets.  For some of YOU, the amount in YOUR wallet makes YOU think that YOU are completely ready to break off and become independent and can get 100% from the coins that you move into the hands of others.  YOU may think this way because YOU simply have enough of YOUR own coins to justify it.  But are YOU truly ready to be completely independent?

Are YOU a Sponsoring Machine?  If YES, then YOU are ready to be independent.  But, if YOU can’t bring new people into TBC everyday, and know how to overcome objections that do come up, then YOU are NOT a Sponsoring Machine.  Hopefully YOU are Partnered with someone who is a Sponsoring Machine.  If so, keep working with them in a Partnership until YOU too become a Sponsoring Machine.  YOU are NOT limited on how many Partners YOU have.  YOU can always upgrade YOUR training by setting up with a Member that is a Sponsoring Machine.

Consider the alternative…  If YOU don’t learn how to become a TBC Sponsoring Machine, then YOUR TBC income will be very random and YOU will still have to have a JOB to survive.  If YOU are like most people that have a JOB, then YOU don’t like the work even though YOU can do it, YOU don’t like the hours, and YOU hate how low YOUR pay is to do that JOB.  As a TBC Sponsoring Machine, YOU set YOUR own hours, and in about one hour YOU can earn a full days income.  But YOU may NOT be completely comfortable with the process of prospecting and then closing clients on TBC, because YOU may have to deal with rejection and other things that come along with this effort.  So, weigh this out in your mind.  Work equals money.  Do YOU keep doing a JOB that gobbles up YOUR entire day, or do YOU learn to get passed the things that seem uncomfortable with TBC today, so that YOU become a TBC Sponsoring Machine?  Afterall, TBC has already turned YOU into a Millionaire.  How are YOU going to pay next week’s bills?  From the JOB or TBC?  If YOU take TBC serious, then it will seriously change YOUR life for the better!

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Once YOU become a Sponsoring Machine, YOU then can transition and become a Partnering Machine and will know how to fully train YOUR Partners to become Sponsoring Machines.  That’s how it works, guys!  Don’t rush it!  Make sure YOU know what YOU are doing before becoming a Partnering Machine.  Having enough coins is NOT all it takes to be successful in TBC.  We are in the Distribution Phase and we need to get our membership to expand and grow exponentially, but that won’t happen if everyone rushes through their training.  If YOU know what YOU are doing You can light a fire and keep it burning:

Once that fire is blazing, YOU will be doing several transactions per hour and YOU will experience incredible wealth pouring into YOUR household.  Sure beats a low paying JOB, right?

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