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Exp Asset a company managing an educational Internet Platform focused on:
– Investing in capital and currency markets
– Investing in cryptocurrency markets
– Cryptocurrency markets arbitrage

How to start Tutorials?
Exp Asset Presentation1 – About the Company – https://youtu.be/cTJAWOdI3lA
Exp Asset Presentation 2 – How it Works – https://youtu.be/UycisEZxXzA
EXP-ASSET How To Register – https://youtu.be/EXu5aTFs65w
EXP-ASSET How To Use the Dashboard – https://youtu.be/UJspLQu1ABM
EXP-ASSET How To add Funds – https://youtu.be/EXu5aTFs65w
EXP-ASSET How To Withdraw – https://youtu.be/UbbG5Xjtpm4
EXP-ASSET How To Use your Affiliate Link – https://youtu.be/uoGP8_m0LI4


EXP-ASSETS is a company trading on financial markets, mining cryptocurrencies, trading on cryptocurrencies and making arbitrage. In addition, EXP-ASSET invests in Star-up projects.

Where is EXP-ASSET company registered?
The company is registered in the United Kingdom, under the number 10743547

How does EXP-ASSET generate income?
The company earns on projects described in the first point.

How does the company obtain financial benefits?
The company generates trading on regulated markets 5 days a week. On markets unregulated 7 days a week. Profits are paid to the user profiles as long as they are earned.

How to become a member
Open a Free Account Today -https://tinyurl.com/y732jx2a
Open a Free Account Today – https://tinyurl.com/ycb9rtc7
To become a member you must have at least an educational package for at least $100
Team Builders – You will accumulate PV points if you refer others. There is a Binary and Matrix programme.
To qualify for binary you must have 2 direct active referrals, you earn 10% on your weak leg. If you have a $1000 package or more you receive 8% Direct Bonus.

Can I have more than one account?
Having more than one account is NOT allowed.

What is the predictable share in company profits?
Predictable share in profits is approx 1% per on average.

How are financial benefits accrued?
Profits are accrued every 24 hours from each package individually.

Audit Document –
Certificate document –
Share certificate document –

Craven House 40-44 Uxbridge Road, Ealing, London, United Kingdom, W5 2B
EXP ASSET. is registered in England and Wales under Companies’ House.
Registered Number: 10743547.

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