10000 Testers

Generally, it is a well known idea that “Banks don’t need us; we need banks.”  My relationship with my Bank Partner is tender and young, we must be very careful to hold up our end of the deal.  The bank could walk away from us at any time, if we fail to behave professionally, if our growth becomes sluggish, if we don’t keep our own house clean.  That’s the reality!  The bank is not obligated to us, why should they be?  We have all the obligations!  400,000 members is not enough for a bank to look at us.  They looked at us because we have claimed that we will bring in 1 Billion members in a very short period of time.  Certainly, a bank has much to gain backing a currency used by 1 billion people.

The main thing I need from a Tester is their ability to follow directions in a timely fashion.  I have always said that.  The bank expects us to act professionally during the testing period.  That when people do follow directions, it costs less time and money to service them.  Banks are a business, they will watch the costs of doing business with us.  This is why we need 10,000 Back Up Testers.  We have already acquired the initial 10,000 Testers, and we will send each of them an email this week to login to the testing website and answer some questions.  If they answer all of the questions correctly, they will be assigned a number and be a Tester officially.  We will be adding the additional 10,000 Back Up Testers as we go and invite them to the website to do the same.  But if a Tester falls out of line at any time, a Back Up Tester will quickly take their place.  Our main concern is completing the bank tasks in a timely fashion.  We will not wait, that is why we will have back up testers.

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