I believe in humanity, and I hope YOU do too.  This Holiday Promotion is how we in the TBC community can spread Goodwill and Cheer towards our fellow man, during this holiday season.  We are building an Abundance-based Economy from the ground up and the BUILDERS of it need to be properly rewarded for their contributions.

We recognise that people from some of the poorest nations have already been energized by our TBC message and have supported our Mission to End Poverty globally.  We want to add incentives that are undeniably within the reach of even the poorest among us.  Some people can not find 40 (gr) of value to complete such a transaction for Kringles and the associated Cookie Rewards.  This Holiday Promotion does not replace the current Cookie Rewards, instead it is a way to collect additional Cookies on top of the current Cookie Rewards during the promotion period that begins on December 1st, 2018 and lasts until January 31st, 2019.

The November 2018 Redemption Period officially ends on November 30th, 2018, and for those that only want to redeem their gift of 25,000 Cookies and whatever additional Cookies they have collected can do so without any additional requirements as long as they complete the Redeem Now process during official Redemption Periods.  The November 2018 Redemption Extension is available to those that have done or will do at least a 4 (gr) transaction before January 31st, 2019.

Those that do Transactions during the Holiday Promotion Period will receive additional Cookie Rewards according to the tiers listed on the Holiday Promotion Poster.  The tiers are based on accumulation of all transactions done during the Holiday Promotion Period.  For example, if a member does a 4 (gr) transaction a week for 8 straight weeks during the Holiday Promotion Period then they would have accumulated 32 (gr) in total transactions and will receive 25,000,000 Cookies once all of those transactions have been verified by both the Receiver and Sender of Kringles.  The reward is identical as if a single transaction of 32 (gr) was done.  I hope that is clear how the accumulation works in this tiered reward system.

Builders are also rewarded during this Holiday Promotion Period.  Each tier of transaction UNLOCKS the value of each Referral Cookie Reward for the PAID [Admin fee of 4 (gr)] Referrals brought into the TBC community during the Holiday Promotion Period.  All transactions that have ever been done and verified count.  So, even if the transaction(s) was done 2 years ago and verified, it counts towards unlocking how much of an additional Holiday Promotion Cookie Reward YOU will receive for these new referrals in the Holiday Promotion Period.  It is highly rewarding to be a BUILDER!  For example, if YOU have completed and verified a 40 (gr) transaction YOU will be qualified to get 10,000,000 additional Cookies for each of YOUR Referrals done during the Holiday Promotion Period.  Let’s say in this example, YOU signed up 10 PAID Referrals during the Holiday Promotion Period YOU will received 10 x 10,000,000 = 100,000,000 additional Cookies.  Keep in mind, these are additional Cookies, regular Cookie Rewards are still rewarded as always.

Sponsors should be pleased to see the strong incentive here to complete transactions during Holiday Promotion Period.  Enjoy the Holiday Season and the abundance it brings!

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