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So, I’m going to pay ADICHIE CHUMA VICTOR for signing up 106 Referrals a total of 0.22205665 in Bitcoin…  He is the first one to win the Bitcoin Contest 3 times…

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He was paid exactly half of what his Referrals paid which totaled 0.22205665 in Bitcoin for 106 Referrals.  So why did he earn $1,773.66?  106 times $11 equals $1,166, but he received over $600 more than that in the payout I just did.  Well folks, Bitcoin has gone up alot since the time he signed up those 106 Referrals, and that is why he got over $600 more in the payout.  Does that make sense?  The reverse is also true when the Bitcoin Price goes down.  I hope this clears up any questions you may have about payments.  YOU get exactly half of the Bitcoin they Paid when they signed up.  If payment is made in Litecoin or ETH, an immediate conversion is made to Bitcoin so YOU get exactly half of the Admin Fee Paid Monthly!  Keep the Bulls running in Bitcoin!!!

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