We will be hosting the Send Button LIVE BROADCASTS in ALL languages on Monday March 11th, 2019 at 9:00 AM PDT/5:00 PM WAT. If you do not have a Send button ON you are not allowed into the meeting. For those of you who do have a Send button, DO NOT SHARE THIS LINK with anyone else. The link will be available at 8:45 AM PDT on Monday March 11th, inside your Kringle Cash back office. The meeting starts promptly at 9:00 AM PDT. Show up and collect up to 1 MILLION COOKIES!

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Scott Thonn is sick and lost his voice so we will NOT have a Cambodian Send Button Meeting tonight.  Everyone should pray for his speedy recovery and we hope he gets well soon.

TBC Confidentail

If YOU have ever wondered why we call these Send Button Meetings, it’s because Admin will turn OFF the Send Buttons of both the Buyer and Seller of any transaction(s) if TBC is discounted!!!

I’d like to bring some clarity to WHY Admin and the type of Blockchain we use are UNKNOWN. Short answer is SECURITY IS VERY EXPENSIVE. TBC is rolling out and not fully developed at this time, yet is highly functional today. The Admin fee is ridiculously LOW to keep the barrier to entry into the TBC community very LOW. We are on a Mission to help the poor rise out of poverty. So we have kept the costs down as much as possible to run a sustainable operation. Remaining UNKNOWN reduces the chances of attacks, so that we can continue to grow organically. As funds grow, so will our tech and Admin structure, and with enough funds high levels of security can be put into place. We are self-funded operation on the 4 (gr) Admin fee. We are debt free! We are self-regulated. WE ARE PRIVATE!!!

Transactions over 400 (gr) will result in the TBC Commissioner reaching out by email to collect details of the transaction to make sure equal value was exchanged, to prevent discounting of our coins.

Total transactions done within a 24 hour period over 2,000 (gr) will result in the TBC Commissioner reaching out by email to collect details of the transaction to make sure equal value was exchanged, to prevent discounting of our coins.

Contact the TBC Commissioner in advance of completing a 40,000 (gr) or greater transaction to show proof ahead of time that a transaction of that size is being done for something of equal value, to prevent massive discounting of our coins.

TBC Admin pays the salary of the TBC Commissioner who protects all of us from those that would discount our coins from their LAWFUL value; and we all should be thankful that the value of our coins are protected. It takes a great deal of 4 (gr) Admin Fees to pay the annual salary of our TBC Commissioner, and this is just one way Admin supports the TBC community with the Admin Fees collected ongoing.


Amazing things happen once we cross the threshold of Critical mass.  Notice the 5 balloon examples in the poster above.  Can you see the 4 examples lacking the critical mass to create lift off?  Notice the 5th example, it’s not much more than the 4th example of balloons, but it was enough to create LIFT OFF!

We are quickly approaching our 3rd year Anniversary this month, and I’d like to share my honest assessment of where we are today–briefly.  It’s been like a revolving door for the most part.  New Members are always coming in, but most of the old members are inactive today.  We have NOT hit critical mass, yet.  Although I do believe we will hit it, within 6 months from now.  We have the strongest foundation to build upon ever, right now.  There is an urgent need to establish a widely accepted alternative to the current financial system that is obviously crashing and collapsing world-wide, right now.  So, how do we stop this revolving door, and get people to stick and NOT go inactive?

If you want people to stay active in TBC, you have to tell them the truth!!!  The truth is, we are NOT selling a coin, because for the most part we are giving it away out of the Admin wallet through Cookie Rewards.  When you sell coins people expect exchanges to cash them out.  LOOK, PEOPLE HAVE OVER 2,000 CHOICES OF OTHER COINS THEY CAN BUY AND LATER CASH OUT!  We are very different, and should stand out as a better deal!  Let’s face it, the only ones enjoying a positive return on their investment in those 2,000 coins are traders that know what they are doing.  Everyone else is losing money in those 2,000 coins, including Bitcoin.  Most people in the world are NOT speculators!  Tell people the truth!  TBC offers a WORK TODAY, GET PAID TODAY OPPORTUNITY.  When you follow our system, you will NOT feel like you are selling anything.  You will feel like you are helping people to complete steps to access the coins from Cookie Rewards during the Distribution Phase of TBC.  One of those steps is to complete a 40 (gr) transaction, and that gets paid either directly to YOU or to YOUR Partner.  If you WORK TBC, you will get paid!  We have trainers all over the whole world that can show you step by step what the work is that you need to do in order to get PAID.  If YOU refuse to do the WORK, then YOU should NOT expect to get PAID!  This work is easy, if you compare it to being a cashier, a waitress, a cook, a construction worker, an office worker, and so many other things out there that people learn to do as a work.  If people can learn to do those kind of jobs, they can learn to do the WORK of TBC.

It’s through WORK, that we will get to critical mass.  I think once we get to about 50,000 Merchants worldwide we will hit critical mass.  Especially, if most of those Merchants are offering food for TBC.  We have 625 Merchants in our new listing on the website now.

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Imagine living in a city with 100,000 people in it.  What if there was 10 Merchants that accept TBC in your city, and most of them offered food for sale.  We offer a gift of 25,000 Cookies redeemable for thousands of dollars in TBC/Kringles.  Who would reject such a gift?  A gift that could be used as soon as its redeemed!  See?  That’s what critical mass looks like!  When everyone will agree the gift is valuable and can certainly be used!!!  We are building up to that.  WE ARE NOT SELLING COINS!  WE OFFER A WORK TODAY–GET PAID TODAY OPPORTUNITY–EASY WORK!  The sooner we get all of our Members to stop selling coins, and instead share the opportunity to work our DISTRIBUTION PHASE of TBC, the sooner we will get to critical mass.  Adding Merchants has already been very organic, and of course I will help set up some formal approaches that could be done systematically.  But for now, everyone should share our OPPORTUNITY and GIFT with everyone they come in contact with, and always stay excited about TBC.



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