We are currently in the Distribution Phase of TBC and NOT anywhere near the FULL ECONOMY PHASE of TBC.  The TBC009 Wallet wasn’t built to do small transactions with only 6 zeros behind the decimal point of a coin that is already worth 8.5 to 9 Million Dollars per full TBC coin.  Future Wallets that Admin will develop will have double the number of zeros behind the decimal point.  0.000001 TBC is about $8.50 right now and you can’t make it any lower than that right now with only 6 zeros.

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We started a Merchant Listing on January 11th, 2019 and currently have 624 Merchants there now.  I expect that number to double monthly, this year.

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Merchants have 11 flexible choices on how they want to participate within this listing, including not having to accept TBC at all as a Distributor Only.  It is important that we as members understand the timing of where we are today, and don’t over expect anything during the Distribution Phase!

Also, always remember that the majority of TBC/Kringle coins in your wallet were NOT purchased by YOU!!!  They were distributed to YOU as part of the Cookie Rewards program of our Distribution Phase.  In fact 25,000 Kringle coins were given to YOU as a gift.  Yes, each Kringle is worth about $8.50 right now, but we can’t make change for that at this time as I mentioned earlier in this article.  So what do YOU do when the item YOU want to purchase from a participating merchant costs less than $8.50?

Let’s say the Merchant sells Watermelons at a fixed price of $3.99 and accepts 10% in TBC.  You need $0.40 in TBC and $3.59 in cash to buy a single Watermelon from this merchant.  How should this be handled under the current circumstances?  It helps to remember the whole point of this currency is all about having abundance.  YOU should pay the Merchant $3.59 in cash and 0.000001 ($8.50) in TBC.  You are happy that you saved 40 cents of your cash and the Merchant is happy to receive ($8.50) worth of TBC to cover them.  The participating merchants are never expected to make change in any way under these circumstances.  Things will get down to the single cent once we are in the FULL ECONOMY PHASE of TBC and have a wallet that can accommodate that.  But, for now we should be happy to spread abundance and even over pay like in this example.  Just don’t go to far and actually discount the value of TBC.  See clearly the line here has to do with the small change that is NOT possible here at this time of our development.


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