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Merchant Locations are now part of the public menu available without login on https://Kringle.Cash.  This is only a few hours old right now, and still is pretty much empty.

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Member Merchants need to login now to KCBO and select Account in Menu and click on Merchant Listing Registration to add their business to the listing.  This is a free service to our Member Merchants.  Now you can advertise your business to over 3.3 Million TBC Members!

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Just fill out the form and submit it to get listed.  Edit this form as much as you want with new Storefront Picture and Promotional Video.  The Google Maps auto populates as you type in your address and select it once you see your complete address, when you see the longitude and latitude populate you will know you have succeeded in adding your address.  Merchants don’t have to accept Kringles for payment yet to get a listing, they can select Distributor Only as a way to get started, and later edit to update their level of participation as needed.

Help us get the word out to Member Merchants about this new feature in KCBO.

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