Kringle Cash Call

As mentioned in the article “Kringle Cash is meant to develop into a new social media platform that is private, unlike Facebook.  Within it we will be able to do some amazing things once we have brought in a Billion people from all over the world.  There will always be some kind of cash contest or giveaway ongoing!”  Now that the first Kringle Coin Giveaway offer of 100,000 Free Kringles has expired, we have replaced that marketing campaign with half the coins for the next 90 days.  So, people will no longer be able to become Millionaires Free of charge by accepting this gift, 50,000 mature Kringle Coins will be worth 500,000 Euros (50,000 Coins times 10 Euros each).

This gift offer is the easiest way to introduce TBC to new people.  Admin is paying for all of your Gifts that you give to your contacts.  When we launched the first Kringle Cash offer of 100,000 Free Kringles on April 1st of 2017, we had over 108,000 Verified Members at that time, we finished that campaign with around 415,000 Verified Members; that’s quadruple the size in just 90 days.

I believe this current giveaway is the key to bringing in 1 Billion Members into TBC in the next 90 days.  When 1,000 of the current members go out and get 100 of the people they know to receive this gift of 50,000 Kringles, and then 100,000 members go out and also get 100 people each (100 x 1,000 = 100,000) then that would take us up to 10 Million Members, and finally when 10,000,000 members give this gift to 100 people each we would reach our goal of 1 billion Verified Members.  Following the script is the key to properly duplicating the success of introducing the gift to others in a way that they would gladly receive this wonderful gift of 50,000 Kringles.

The value of this gift of 50,000 Kringles (0.0005 TBC) in dollars is about $34 today!  That value will likely double to $68 in August and again double to $136 in September.  It is a very valuable gift to give away from day one of this new campaign.  In order for the receivers of this gift to become TBC Millionaires they will have to purchase an additional 50,000 Kringles.  That means it will be very profitable to promote this campaign because most people will prefer to become Millionaires instead of just creating $500,000 of Free wealth.  This means everyone should purchase additional Kringles and to earn from this exercise all of the newest members should partner with others that have at least 10 TBC coins.  No need to sell your own coins, because they appreciate in value too fast to sell them before they fully mature!


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