We have updated the payment processing system to give you a faster way to make your payment and have it post.  When you go to the BTC, LTC, or ETH payment screens you will see the address to make payment to and the amount, you can copy these items to your clipboard to paste to your wallet.  As soon as you receive the transaction ID, come back to this form and enter it and “Submit Form”.  Once this is completed our system will start validating your payment.  The Payment Support forms are no longer required, but you must enter your transaction ID for the fastest service.  Please note that transaction IDs do not include URLs or spaces or special characters.

There is also a payment timer which you should try to make your payment within 15 Minutes.  The amount required may change and you do not want to over or under pay.  Please pay exactly what you’re shown within 15 minutes for faster processing.

In most cases payment will be processed within minutes, but please allow at least 1 hour and check back on your account.


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