Isn’t it interesting that only some of the old members of TBC are complaining about the Admin Fee, while new members are joining TBC by the thousands daily?  Most of the complainers are TBC Billionaires!!!  First of all, WHERE IS THE GRATITUDE?  Do these complainers have an alternative that will turn them into a Billionaire?  Almost ALL of these complainers are actively doing TBC transactions all the time, and yet they have been paying NOTHING–like 99% of them have only paid the Admin $10 one time, and have NEVER upgraded to the monthly Admin Fee to be able to access the Bitcoin Contests and Bitcoin Bounties!!!  GOD only knows what they are really doing in these constant transactions that they have been doing for FREE basically!  I strongly suspect fraud and scam is what THEY ARE DOING!!!!  TRUST ME, THE LOUDER THEY ARE COMPLAINING, THE MORE LIKELY THEY ARE OUT THERE SCAMMING PEOPLE USING TBC!!!  So, please support my effort to CLEAN HOUSE!

I’m in AWE when I see people shaking their fist at a Creator!  I am the Creator of TBC!  I have always said that the Mission comes before the Currency, when it comes to TBC.  These complainers could care less about the Mission of TBC!  When people are not interested in what someone else creates, they usually just walk away without any complaint, and pursue the things that do interest them.  These complainers are also the abusers of TBC, and have soiled the good name of TBC with their various scams!  That is why they are complaining, they can see this is about to wash them out, and they will no longer be able to take advantage of people and use and abuse TBC any longer because of this New Policy!  They accuse the Admin of TBC of so many things it is hard to make a list of all their accusations.  It would be a very large list, and it is insulting to me!  It is MY RIGHT as the Creator of TBC to do what I think is best to move us forward in completing our MISSION!  In order to complete the Mission of Ending Poverty globally, it will require a great deal of funding and organization.  It won’t happen for FREE!  How can we organise a group of people that don’t respond to messages, and are completely asleep?  We are growing so FAST now, and it is critical that we get organised now, and bring all of our members in to proper alignment!

So support the effort to hold the TBC Billionaires accountable, and let’s take out the trash in TBC!

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