The November Redemption Period extension, until January 31st, is coming to an end in just a few more weeks.  If you are fairly new to the TBC community, you have enjoyed a long extension of the November Redemption Period, as long as you were qualified.  You need to complete at least one transaction in order to be qualified to take advantage of this extension.  For details please read: You still have time to complete and verify a transaction now to get qualified.

Be sure to click the Redeem Now button in the Rewards area of KCBO before January 31st, 2019 in order to convert your Cookies into Kringles.  Cookies are basically points compared to Kringles that are spendable coins which you can use at participating merchants or trade them peer to peer at the Current Price.  We encourage members to wait until the end of a Redemption Period before they complete the Redeem Now process to convert their Cookies into Kringles because members have many ways to keep on accumulating more Cookies all month long.  Any Cookies left over at the end of this month after you completed the Redeem Now process will carry over into the next Redemption Period in May of 2019.

From the beginning of February until the end of April this year, New Members coming in during that time, will not have immediate access to the Redemption Period process.  They have to wait until May in order to redeem Cookies.  Only through PARTNERSHIPS will New Members then be able to earn cash flow within the TBC community.  If YOU do not know how to cash flow in TBC now, YOU should partner up with a cash flowing leader and learn how partnerships work.  YOU can earn cash flow even on your very first day as a New Member regardless if we are in a Redemption Period or not.  We have a cash flow system that works and if YOU follow it, YOU will earn daily cash flow from it.  TBC can be a Full-Time Job for anyone that wants it.

Enjoy the remainder of this Redemption Period extension!

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