I want to personally thank Robert Miller for reviewing our recent milestone article on his YouTube channel, the Voice of TBC, Bitcoin Randy, could not have done a better job of it.  So, Robert Miller, I appreciate your voice too, as I do with many of our faithful YouTube promoters of TBC.  Thanks to all of you!

Robert brings up a critically important point within this review.  Our gift of Kringles builds relationships of trust.  In other words, we are not in competition with any other business opportunity out there.  In fact, we are very supportive of all kinds of businesses, both online and offline.  This is the worlds largest cash giveaway!

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We are in the money business.  All businesses use money, right?  So, since naturally the Kringle gift builds relationships of trust because it creates wealth automatically and we are giving away samples today that tomorrow down the road will appreciate in value to be worth 500,000 Euros.  These are the very best gifts to give.  We welcome any business to use our offer to help them build up their customer base, because we are not competing with you; we are money.  Businesses use money to further their interests.  If you have a brink and mortar business and collect money at a cash register, make a flyer and offer this gift to your customers to build customer loyalty.  Go ahead and Co-Brand promotion with our money and your logo and business.  If you run an online business, or just want to strengthen your relationships with your Facebook friends, follow the script in Brian’s Updates in the back office of Kringle Cash and you will be amazed how it helps build trust.  You are giving away money–FOR FREE, and without obligation.  We hope all businesses would pick up this free offer and tie it into their businesses.

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