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TBC NCR PHILIPPINES will hold the TBC VOICES 2017 GRAND FINALS on June 26, 2017 @ Tramway Timog Quezon City at 11 AM together with the TBCMS Trade Fair. We successfully launched TBC VOICES on April 29, 2017 until May this year and able to promote tbc and kringle cash among new members in the different areas and Barangays. As part of the project we held the SEMI FINALS at Lido Commonwealth Ave, Quezon City with three winners who were also qualified to the Grand Finals. During the preparations for the said BIG EVENT, each participants with the help of the parents, leaders, directors and  the Barangay, tbc and kringle cash must be continuously promoted to new people as part of the 50 percent criteria for judging to be verified on the competition proper aside from the 50 percent rate coming from the judges. Winners on this competition will receive TBC, Plaque and Cash. This TBC VOICES will continue until the TBC ultimate value has been reached globally. Thank you to Admin and the Leaders. To God is the Glory.

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