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All Send Buttons have been turned off for the existing 1,285,775 TBC004 wallets, and all new wallets will have their Send Buttons turned off too.  We did tell you this was going to happen; if you haven’t read that article, stop reading this one and read it:

As mentioned in that article we need to clear out all of the backlog transactions ASAP and then we will only turn a select number of Send Buttons back on for what I will call “Trusted Sellers.”  A line is forming now to become a “Trusted Seller.”  The only way to EVER get your Send Button turned back on is to pay the $10 Fee.  This was also made clear in another article:

At this time, there are less than 2,000 Members qualified to have their Send Buttons turned back on once the backlog has been cleared out.  These are the “Trusted Sellers” and they have done a great job of following directions from Admin.  They are all well aware of the penalty for discounting TBC coins, that access to their wallets would be suspended permanently, without any kind of refund for the TBC coins they purchased in those wallets.  So, we will now have far fewer transactions to watch once we turn the Send Buttons back on for these “Trusted Sellers.”  I’m sure none of them will dare to do any kind of discounting.  Discounters work in the opposite direction of the core concept of an “Abundance-Based” currency.  Discounters have almost destroyed TBC on more than one occasion.  I don’t think they were trying to destroy TBC on purpose, I believe out of sheer ignorance they felt that they had something to gain, so instead of honoring the “Membership Agreement,” they chose to keep the mindset of scarcity and competed against all the other members of TBC on the basis of price.  TBC is a “Private Group” of people and we have our own agreements and rules within our group, and the right to enforce them.  The benefit of belonging to our “Private Group” is that owning any amount of TBC/Kringle coins creates automatic wealth!  We are in the wealth creation phase of rolling out our global currency.  Let me quote from the article:

“Have you all considered what you are throwing away by selling TBC coins right now during the final part of our wealth creation phase?  TBC creates wealth automatically because it has been scheduled to double 40 times in value during the wealth creation phase of our currency roll out globally.  We have used up 27 of those doubles already and that only leaves 13 doubles left.  If you do a $10 transaction now, look at what you are throwing away:

Doubles Value
1 $20.00
2 $40.00
3 $80.00
4 $160.00
5 $320.00
6 $640.00
7 $1,280.00
8 $2,560.00
9 $5,120.00
10 $10,240.00
11 $20,480.00
12 $40,960.00
13 $81,920.00


WOW!  For every $10.00 of TBC you sell right now, you are throwing away $81,910.00 ($81,920.00 – $10.00) of your TBC wealth!  It just doesn’t make sense to sell TBC right now, because that’s too much money to give away.  We are less than a year away from completing these remaining 13 doubles!  Doesn’t it make more sense to just wait and hold on to all of your TBC wealth?  The anxiety is unnecessary at this time, we will get the TBC coin transactions fixed, soon!  LOL  It’s not going to take us a year to get it fixed!  Let me explain why?  We are a Clone of Bitcoin, that’s what our TBC coin is technically.  We have just adjusted a few of the parameters of the Bitcoin code.  Like, our block-size is 8 times larger than Bitcoin, and new coins are mined every 3 minutes, while Bitcoin coins are mined out every 10 minutes.  Things like that.  Those are just parameters, and many other Alt-coins have successfully adjusted those parameters before we did and they work fine.  Bitcoin has been able to carry a very big load and work properly for a very long time, and only recently has the limit placed on block-size become an issue.  So, Bitcoin has pioneered the path ahead for us.  Of course a copy like TBC can be developed to work just as good as the Bitcoin original.  Our coin development team just needs time to properly set up our seed nodes on our TBC coin network.  Out of these seed nodes will grow out a completely decentralized coin network over some time.  Development takes time.  That’s the truth!  So, why put so much pressure on everyone being anxious to sell TBC right now?  That just doesn’t make any sense.  Relax…  Hold on to your wealth; don’t throw it away!”

For many of you, turning off your Send Buttons protects you against yourself and your tendency to sell off your wealth prematurely.  But, so many of you have plenty of TBC coins now and could use the cash flow that comes from selling them today.  Become a “Trusted Seller” if you are not one already, and you are about to get a tsunami of income!  Do the math!  Currently, you have over 700,000 potential partners with their Send Buttons turned off to divide among yourselves as “Trusted Sellers.”  like I said, there is less than 2,000 of you that are qualified to be a “Trusted Seller.”  The TBC community continues to grow by about 10,000 new Members a day as the time to give away 50,000 Kringles inside of the Kringle Cash Give Away is running out time.  Soon, I will be adding a requirement to purchase at least $100 worth of TBC to collect on a new bonus that is coming up.  I will explain that in another article to come.  But, as a “Trusted Seller” you will have a huge opportunity to sell TBC coins ongoing.  Right now there is only one requirement to become a “Trusted Seller” and that is to pay your $10 fee while promising to honor the “Membership Agreement.”  Those “Trusted Sellers” with 100 plus referrals are in the front of the line to have their Send Buttons turned back on, and like I said less than 2,000 are fully qualified to see their Send Buttons turned on very soon after the backlog clears out.  If you paid the $10 fee and do not have 100 referrals, then don’t worry, your send button will be turned back on in an orderly fashion.  You are just not in the front of the line, the date you paid your $10 fee determines your place in this line.  You can leap to the front of the line by getting 100 referrals.  Otherwise in due time as we fix the code in the TBC coin network, your Send Button will be turned back on.  So, the way to look at this is where do you want to be in the line?  Over 700,000 Members will need to complete this mandatory payment, before they can have a Send Button; otherwise they could never access the remaining wealth contained in those wallets.  So, I fully expect a lot of Members to finally wake up!  Some will disbelieve and will refuse to pay now because they can’t see that our technical difficulties are just temporary.  Most will see the light, and get in line as fast as possible, so they will have full access to their TBC wealth.  Let’s face it, if TBC was a bad idea, why do we have over 700,000 Members today?  Wake up!  TBC is working!  The tech problems are temporary set backs!  And, a line is forming NOW that YOU should get in the front of it!

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