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This is both an exciting and scary time for TBC.  We just doubled the value of TBC coins for the 25th time today; it is scary because we have a lot to achieve before exiting the Millionaire Zone.  Plus the timer is running out soon on the 100,000 Kringle Cash Giveaway!


When that timer hits zero on June 30th, 2017 that will be the End of the FREE opportunity to become a Millionaire automatically!!!


Bitcoin Randy has shown us all exactly what we must do–which is SO SIMPLE TO DO–in order to bring 1 Billion people into TBC before the Timer hits ZERO!

Our speed is not hinged on how many people we have right now (300,000); it’s hinged on how well each sponsor does their job in getting their recruits to plug into the training on their 1st day in TBC.  When the newest people get trained on their very 1st day, and that becomes the trend for the whole community, then our numbers will explode!

Work Today Get Paid Today

As you can see we are coming close to the end of the Millionaire Zone!  We only have one more Double left.  It only takes a one-time purchase of $100 to become a Millionaire automatically while in the Millionaire Zone.  After we exit the Millionaire Zone it will cost more and more to become a Millionaire automatically.  We are on a mission to End Poverty globally, hopefully in 2018.  How will TBC End Poverty?  By distributing enough wealth to the masses that those new Millionaires will create enough JOBS for the massively unemployed and poor people today in order to End Poverty.  When everyone in the world has a job, that will End Poverty.  Yes, it is that simple!  But, at the rate we are currently growing, and with the Millionaire Zone soon coming to an end, we will not properly spread the Job Creation Burden to enough people to End Poverty easily.  I hope the Kringle Cash Giveaway will create 1 Billion Millionaires.  We have 1 Billion gifts to give away.  All of you need to follow the training in Brian’s Updates so we can explode in giving away all of these gifts.  Huge money is earned on the backside of giving a gift.  Should we succeed at creating 1 Billion Millionaires by exploding our growth NOW, then each Millionaire only needs to employ 7 people to employ everyone in the world.  So, let’s put on our running shoes, and finish this last part of the race as WINNERS!

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