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As of today, we are officially 18 months old!  We have just doubled in value of the TBC coins for the 28th time today and that means we only have 12 more doubles left within the wealth creation phase of the roll out of the TBC economy.  I recall many naysayers saying 17 to 18 months ago:  “Who is going to be willing to buy a coin that cost $10,000 let alone one that becomes a billion dollar coin?”  O ye of little faith LOL!  People are even more excited to buy some TBC today than they were at the beginning when you could purchase a TBC coin for less than a cent.  True, most can’t afford to buy a full TBC coin today, but Kringles makes it just as possible to enjoy the benefits of automatic wealth creation as did the TBC coin when it was less expensive.


In the early days of TBC so many people thought that the objective of gathering a billion people to use our coin was like climbing Mt. Everest.  Scared the majority away back then.  But look how big the reward is now for those few faithful people that got TBC started!!!  They are multi-billionaires today!  Tomorrow in the near future they will be multi-trillionaires and beyond!


In a couple of days from now, we will have gathered one million verified members into our TBC community.  That’s like making it to the “Advanced Base Camp” on Mt. Everest–a powerful feat all by itself!  The summit is clearly within our view here at this stage.  It took a whole year to gather 100,000 into TBC, and people back then thought it would take years to gather a million.  But here we are 6 months later with a million members and growing at about 20,000 to 25,000 verified members a day now.  So, if this pattern holds true, we should be at 10 million members in 3 months from now–half the time of the 6 months to go from 100,000 to a million.  As the pattern continues, we should hit 100 million members 45 days later after we hit 10 million.  Then less than a month from that time to reach our summit of one billion verified members.  Then, once and for all, we can tell all of the Naysayers to go jump in a lake (I was going to say go to #e!!).

TBC 1 Million Member Celebration


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