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Here is a post by a faithful member of TBC wondering why some people can’t see how TBC will lift them out of poverty.  TBC certainly lifted this member out of poverty already.  He had purchased a car and a home using TBC.  He says that all of his financial problems have disappeared since becoming a member of TBC.  This particular member is a very good example of how to take full advantage of all that TBC offers.

Now look at the comment from Emmanuel.  Emmanuel has clearly taken for granted all that TBC has already achieved in its short 14 month history; he is hung up on a technicality.  Emmanuel may suffer from a lack of vision, and I’m not talking about his eyeballs.  I’m sorry if I embarrass you Emmanuel, but even though you misspelled Admin, you have called me out in the public space.

There’s a saying:  You can either be a part of the problem or the solution.  Isn’t it better to be on the side of the solution?  TBC is not the PROBLEM!  THE ELITE ROBBING US BLIND IS THE REAL PROBLEM!  If you really feel a need to complain in the public space, why not address the REAL PROBLEM?  TBC is a “Protest Coin” as explained in the disclaimer:  We have a plan to protect ourselves from the evil agenda of the Elite.  Uniting 1,000,000,000 people from all over the world to stand together in the truth of all things will change the world for the better:  Uniting a Billion people is not an easy task; but negative comments about TBC in the public space makes it even harder to achieve it.  I’m writing this article to be a tool to use when you see a negative comment in social media from a fellow member of the TBC community.  Pass this article along to them, whenever you see a negative post or comment coming from them.  Hopefully they will change their tune.  Why tear down the SOLUTION, when we all face such a serious PROBLEM?  Critics, please pick your battles.  TBC is for the PEOPLE!  Many TBC Members already understand this.  They use the right channels for technical issues:

Yes, Emmanuel, you found a flaw, technically you found a bug in the current TBC coin system.  But there is no need to broadcast your complaint about it in the public space.  How many others have you scared away with you open expression of doubt in TBC.  Is that expression going to help you get a quicker resolution to your technical problem in TBC?  NO!  In fact, you are adding to the burden Admin already has to carry in getting all of these bugs fixed.  So, your action is completely destructive and does not help your current issue at all!  You have made things worse for all of us trying to help you!  You just need to submit a ticket in our technical support system, and one way or another, Admin will bring you justice.  The coins are not at risk, if coins ever get stuck in limbo for some reason, Admin has plenty of coins to cover your transaction.

Emmanuel, even though it is unfortunate that the TBC you sent to your friend has not confirmed yet in his wallet, TBC has successfully completed 1,453,313 transactions since the day we launched 14 months ago and you can see all of them in the block-chain.  Over one million of those transactions have taken place in the last 90 days.  Generally speaking, the TBC coin works pretty well so far.  Yes, the high transaction traffic has exposed this current bug.  We have a team of professionals working on this bug.  I’m getting daily reports on the investigation.  We will identify this bug, and we will use the appropriate remedy to fix it.  This is not the first time I’m addressing the issue of bugs with you: 

The title of this article is “Technology Vs Community.”  Many crypto-currency enthusiasts claim TBC in not a crypto-currency and base that claim on that we are not listed on  There are 863 coins listed on Coin Market Cap.  Even though side by side the core software code of Bitcoin, TBC, and the majority of all of these different coins is almost exactly the same, (All Bitcoin Clones) we are not trying to be just another crypto-currency.  The concept behind TBC is that we are the first “Abundance-based” currency, and a real SOLUTION against being completely enslaved by the Elite Mind, Body, and Soul!  We don’t belong on any “Market” list!  We are a grander SOLUTION!

Admin (Yours Truly), has focused on building a community, more than focusing on a coin technology.  I have succeeded!  Our idea is everywhere, it has even penetrated the China wall!  Just look at the spinning Globe inside your Kringle Cash Back Office.  It’s always lite up like a Christmas tree.


300,000 Members in 14 months is nothing to turn your nose up and be all snooty about it.  That is a significant achievement.  Emmanuel, could you have started with just an idea and built an organization of 300,000 in just 14 months?  I doubt most of you reading this could duplicate that result so far.  Behind the scenes is so much work, you never hear about all the work we are doing.  Most people have no clue how to build small teams of people, let alone an organization of 300,000.  I have that talent!  I know what it takes to build large organizations.  Self-sacrifice is a major ingredient in that formula.

Let’s not let the little bugs slow us down on growth.  Tech problems always have tech solutions.  One way or another we will find a tech solution to support billions of transactions daily.  Look at Visa and MasterCard, look at all the transactions they facilitate.  By no means is TBC stuck in the Bitcoin Clone box.  If a better technology comes along, we can migrate into it as a community.  It’s the COMMUNITY that will protect us from the plans of the Elite, not a TECHNOLOGY.  Never forget that!



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