Big thank you goes out to Dan Lutz for making this demo video, plus we appreciate his regular YouTube Call In Show!


This is a 10 by 10 Matrix and it holds ALL of Humanity in it.  We want to give humanity an alternative to the financial system the Elite are making for humanity.


Soon we will be testing the Fiat Currency Exchange once we have filled the first 4 levels of the matrix.  I have asked Bitcoin Randy to make sure all of our active You-tubers out there get a spot on the second level of 100 in the matrix.  In the roll out they will come in with active send buttons right after the 10 have successfully been able to do some transactions.  So, since they are promoting TBC on YouTube we want to reward them with a high position in the Leadership Matrix–that’s really good for public relations.  Of course they must meet all of the qualifications to hold that spot. Testers have 3 qualifications and everyone else in the matrix will only have 2 qualifications to get into it.

First 2 Qualifications are:

-Pay $10 fee to Admin–This can now be paid in either Bitcoin or by Credit Card in the Back Office of your Kringle Cash website

-Purchase at least $100 of TBC/Kringles from a Trusted Seller–Retroactive all the way back to the day we launched on March 21st, 2016

3rd Qualification for Testers Only:

-Get 100 Referrals to Join TBC and receive the Free Kringle Gift

The sooner we fill up this entire matrix the sooner we can derail the Elites plan to enslave humanity.  The whole matrix will be filled with Millionaires and Billionaires because of the new “Cookie” rewards.  We will be a super powerful “Private” community with a million Billionaires and a billion Millionaires to support the rest of humanity with good paying jobs!



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