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Some people are so full of themselves and narcissistic that there is no hope to redeem them.  Such is the case with Mr. Critic, he has effectively suicided himself in the TBC community, and he did this to himself without any help from any other TBCian.  But he is going out into the public claiming that he has my ear, as the Admin of TBC.  He once did, but now he doesn’t.  He has NO DIRECT ACCESS to me.  I have wasted a great deal of my time listening to his broadcasts over the last week in response to an avalanche of complaints coming to my desk about him, HE HAS OFFENDED MANY!  These complaints are well founded, he has no respect for anyone including me, the Admin of TBC.  He rants on and on like he knows better, than all of us.  Ignorance is a terrible thing, but when ignorance is wrapped in arrogance it shatters all hope of redemption.  Mr. Critic has NO authority in the Kringle Society, and he NEVER will!  I will NOT listen to another word from this ignoramus.  There is no need to continue to send in complaints about him, to me, because my decision to distance myself from him is FINAL!  His negative campaign started a week ago, and he has already lost 70% of his previous audience.  He is busy destroying himself, and he can NOT be reasoned with!  So, just ignore him, and let him finish himself off.  All future complaints about him will get the link to this article.

Positivity builds, while negativity destroys.  It really is that simple.  The Critics of the world, do NOT pay the bills.  I, the Admin of TBC, have kept TBC going for four years now, because I pay the bills, and this is well documented.  Mr. Critics contributions have been so microscopic that within the space of a single week the costs in man hours dealing with him far outweigh his microscopic contributions.  Smart TBCians will join me, in just ignoring him, because he can’t hurt us in the end.  In fact, he is providing a valuable service.  He is collecting the trash for us now.  For that, I thank him.  Negativity draws into itself the like, and those holding negative opinions about TBC, its Admin, or anything else about us, will gather together and carry on about it.  But this is always short-lived, and dies of natural causes each time.  So, don’t worry about it.  Just shun negativity, and keep your space in the positive zone.  These people always claim to have more power than they do, so don’t take their word for these claims.  Let them be, and go in peace.  Trash Collectors such as Mr. Critic are providing a valuable service, trashy negative people are always looking for a good reason to leave TBC, and when the Mr. Critics of the world show up they cling to them for a minute and justify their desire to leave, and then they go away.  Negative people in TBC slow us down, so the fewer of them we have to deal with, the better.  So, let the Trash Collectors do their job for us.

Mr. Critic uses some big words when he speaks even though he may stutter when using those words.  His claim to possess integrity can NOT be confirm by his behavior.  He is NOT truthful!  He has twisted so many things about TBC around, that it is unrecognisable coming out of his big mouth.  Like Lucifer he prides himself in being the ACCUSER!  The number of false accusations he has made is too large to even bother making a list and addressing them.  If YOU are looking for the TRUTH, YOU will NOT find it by listening to him.  But, YOU are FREE, and so is he, He is FREE, to do whatever.  So, if YOU want to listen to him, go ahead, nobody will stop YOU.  If YOU give him MONEY, especially in a TBC transaction, be warned, YOU will regret it, because he loyal only to himself, and you will be without his support.  So, that would be YOUR loss, and YOU have to take personal responsibility for YOUR choices.

Stay close to this blog if YOU are sincere in wanting to become a successful TBCian.  We have many success stories within it, documented!  I wish everyone the best, and that includes Mr. Critic.

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