You have all heard that knowledge is power.  I’m here to tell YOU that Belief if MORE POWERFUL THAN KNOWLEDGE.  The power of belief is transferable to others as described in the video above discussing the 100 Monkey Effect.

When I woke up this morning I thought I was dying.  My head was pounding with pain, my neck felt kinked, my legs cramped.  Yesterday I started taking a calcium supplement because I was showing signs of having a lack of calcium in my body.  The pain I felt this morning made me immediately think about things I could do to relieve my pain and suffering.  So I took some more calcium.  Both knowledge and my belief in that knowledge about calcium drove me to take the supplement, and was a reminder that I should always take it.  A hot shower raining down on my head and neck brought some relief too.  I don’t feel like I’m dying right now, but later I will go get a massage to add to my relief.  My point here is that it is within me to make some changes to get better.

If I was a LOSER, I would just complain that I’m getting old and need to learn to accept the pain and suffering of age.  I refuse to believe that, instead I believe I have a long life ahead of me that will be full of good health and prosperity.  Losers lose, that is the nature of a loser.  Losers die young.  Everyday losers die.  It is very common and it comes down to belief.  Knowledge is all about identifying what is.  Knowledge could have said to me that I’m old and going to die.  Think about that!  It is easy to identify pain.  The moment I opened my eyes the pain was the first thing that came to my mind and awareness.  I quickly examined my beliefs regarding my situation and found I was conflicted.  Some of my beliefs suggest that I’m getting old, while other beliefs suggest age is only a meaningless number.  I searched for the beliefs that would bring the fastest relief and found that it is better to believe I’m young still and strong enough to quickly overcome my current condition.  I’m taking charge of my reality and refuse to have long-term pain in it.  Now I feel well enough to write this article.  Soon I will back to full strength and pain free.  I believe I’m a WINNER!  LOSERS accept the life they were given, while WINNERS change life into what they want!

Most people have no idea how powerful belief is, they robotically accept the knowledge programmed into their heads by the Evil Elite that relish in spreading disease and poverty to justify their personal mightiness by comparison.  Do you really want to accept the knowledge they are spreading?  They have used the media and educational system to program what is an acceptable lifespan and quality of life.  We are in a battle of wills.  The world is full of healers and good people that want you to be whole and happy, while the Evil Elite use their financial power to make disease and poverty commonplace.  What about YOUR will?  Who will YOU believe in for YOUR life?  The real question here is:  “What do YOU want?”  The first thing this brings to mind is do you believe you have the power to get what you want!  If you don’t believe you can get everything that you want, then that is your starting point.  YOU need to change that belief.  Because it is a big fat lie!  Don’t you have the power to decide?  Isn’t it true that you do make choices?  The power to choose gives you the power to change bad beliefs.

belief-can do

One day I woke up and believed with all my heart that I will become a Millionaire, then I became one!  First came the belief, then followed the condition.  Now I firmly believe I can turn ALL OF YOU into Millionaires too!  Now it is YOUR turn to believe YOU WILL become a Millionaire and live a 5 Star Laptop Lifestyle!  When the belief arrives the actions to make it so will follow.  TBC is a TOOLBOX that YOU can use to change YOUR beliefs about who and what YOU are into people that can and will live abundantly on Earth!  Are you using the tools?  Take charge of YOUR beliefs, turn them into soft clay that can easily be molded by thought.  Drop the self-limiting beliefs and embrace beliefs that empower you to get anything you want in life!

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