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What if I told YOU that we could reach our objective of gathering 1 Billion Members before the end of JANUARY 2019!!!!  Everything is in place perfectly to make that happen, right now.  Lack of belief is the only thing holding us back at this time and I want to turn that around by the end of this article.  Collectively if we will believe we can do this, we will achieve it!

Let’s start by looking at how this will benefit YOU and also ALL other members in TBC.  Picture this in YOUR mind:  It’s the end of JANUARY 2019 and the Admin wallet is empty and we have created one million Billionaires and one billion Millionaires and tens of millions of small business owners accept 100% TBC for their goods and services.  TBC is spendable and we didn’t need any banks or exchanges to make our coins liquid, we did that ourselves.  TBC is just as good as any paper money because a Billion people have made it so by coming together.  No institution on Earth would dare challenge the value of our TBC/Kringle coins, no one would want to oppose an effort to finally End Poverty globally.  People Power is chanted in every corner of the Earth.  The only way to End Poverty is through People Power, and the People are sick of the corruption of “the powers that be” and how unfair the current distribution of wealth is today.  TBC is a movement of People Power on a mission to End Poverty globally and with one Billion members backing us up, we would be unstoppable.  Let’s say YOU are a TBC Billionaire at the end of January 2019, even if a member only gets 1 whole TBC coin they would become a TBC Billionaire.  It would bring you complete financial peace of mind, right?  YOU are set for life!  YOUR posterity is set for endless generations to come.  This peace of mind will allow YOU to remain calm as we allow the world to catch up to this new dynamic of having a million Billionaires and a billion Millionaires.  Love and Respect will be our guide as we allow the world to catch up.  You have plenty of Kringles to use to feed and clothe YOUR family.  We must put the mission first ahead of a mad dash to elevate our members into lifestyles of luxury.  Luxury for all will come in time, but this is what I mean by saying we need to allow the world time to catch up.  Peace of mind is the most valuable thing YOU can have, right?  I as Admin, will set up a global database and will invite the POOR of the Earth to register in it.  Immediate help will be given to the POOR as we connect the Billion members to each sponsor  3 to 5 POOR people in this database.  Most POOR people would be happy to get about 20 (gr) worth of Kringles as a kick start.  Then we would organize as we go and create job opportunities for all of the POOR in our database.  This will be a process, and at some point we will be able to declare the End of Poverty in the year 2020.  This achievement creates power, political power, that we as a human race will no longer allow “the few to dictate how the many live.”  This is why this mission must come first, this is why our members need to free themselves of the disease of GREED, which is a by-product of the system of artificial scarcity even among the POOR.  Mad dashes to Luxury must be discouraged as I have said before.  I don’t want this article to be too long, so YOU will need to use YOUR imagination of how ALL of YOUR dreams will come true.  Picture 2025, then 2030 through 2050, see the personal transformation of how YOU will live happily in complete abundance and prosperity.

Pay close attention to what is said within the Dashboard of KCBO.  It starts with Rapid Rewards.  Two who get Two and so on.  Look at the 2 who get 2 column in the Massive Growth Campaign poster.  Rapid Rewards is based on duplicating 2 who get 2 day by day.  Periods become days in the Massive Growth Campaign and in just 31 days 1 LEADER could create a Billion members below them.  We already have millions of members, so this effort will not just come from 1 LEADER, we are much closer to the goal of having a Billion members than what YOU might think.  THE MASTER KEY IS TO ENCOURAGE FAST DUPLICATION.  That is what is missing right now.  There are a thousand distractions within the TBC community right now, and most of these distractions plant seeds of doubt within the minds of our members.  ENCOURAGEMENT is missing on a large scale.  The one idea that will completely heal our TBC community is to ENCOURAGE FAST DUPLICATION.  We need to unify on that one idea!  New Members see a 24 Hour and a 48 hour Timers once they pay the Admin fee.  We need to rally around these timers and ENCOURAGE the New Members to use the script and instructions provided within the Dashboard of KCBO.  Leaders need to stay on top of the growth happening below them using the Genealogy tool in KCBO and make sure they supply the needed cryptocurrencies to keep the duplication moving smoothly.  ALL Leaders should become Cash Centers locally to keep the speed of growth going.

Kringles are MAGIC COINS during the Distribution Phase of TBC, compared to Market Coins.  With Market Coins you can only sell what you have purchased, but our coins are MAGIC, the Cookie Rewards system allows our members the ability to access an abundance of coins that are NOT purchased.  During the Redemption Extension even our newest members can have more coins than they can spend, we deliver on our promise to provide abundance.  These MAGIC COINS can allow mass quantities of people to immediately go full-time in TBC.  The more full-time members we have the faster we will grow.


The final piece is now in place–The Holiday Promo.  One of the things choking up FAST DUPLICATION was that 40 (gr) was out of reach for so many and that slowed growth.  Now Sponsors can get compensated while New Members have a tiered system to complete transactions.  In some countries 4 (gr) is what can be earned daily for a days worth of work at a typical job.  In those countries, Sponsors should be happy to receive 4 (gr) just for completing a simple transaction.  A full-time Sponsor would be blessed to do 1 transaction a day instead of hard labor at a job for the same amount after 8 hours of work, RIGHT?  Also, New Members are ENCOURAGED to do multiple transactions during the Holiday Promo because of the benefits that come through accumulation within it.  No matter where YOU live in the world, this Holiday Promo allows YOU in principle to earn a days worth of income just by doing 1 transaction a day.  If in YOUR country the average pay is 20 (gr) a day then that is what should be promoted as a starting point in YOUR country.  Members having daily Cash Flow at or above average incomes in their countries will be able show the benefits of going full-time in TBC.  Lead by example, get YOUR Cash Flow going daily in TBC, people will respect that!  Everyone just needs to get in where they fit in on their 1st day as a New Member following the 5 Day Instructions on the Dashboard of KCBO.  Sponsors recruit and Recruits quickly become Sponsors all in a single day. So, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1,024, and so on is how fast a team could grow on a daily basis.  YOU just need to BELIEVE it is possible and use ALL of the TOOLS YOU are provided.

FAST DUPLICATION is NOT enough!  That as an idea has no ongoing support, on paper it looks good, but it is missing something.  ENCOURAGE FAST DUPLICATION completes it.  ENCOURAGE turns the idea of FAST DUPLICATION into a cycle–DO IT and then ENCOURAGE others to DO IT.  I want to see and hear those three words everywhere within the TBC community.  We need to focus on the meaning of those three words, and the Broadcasters should be explaining these three words over and over again like a drumbeat.  Picture in YOUR mind the whole TBC community getting excited about these 3 words.  Visualize all of the TBC members taking action based on these 3 words, see the growth of the community speed up because of it, in YOUR mind.  This is the Master Key to TBC Success and it will open every door of success from the micro to the macro inside of the TBC community.  This ONE KEY makes all doors open!


A Picture is worth a thousand words!!!

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