Edmund Osumah truly understands how important balance will be within an “Abundance” based economy.  If those that have the majority of that abundance remain but a small group as it is today, we would make things worse not better for those people receiving that wealth and abundance.  We want to lift all of humanity into a state of abundance, not just a few!  Along the way we will end poverty, proving that the abundant path is the best path!

When I designed the formula for The Billion Coin, I already knew what Edmund has revealed to be the truth and he so passionately declared it in the video.  The TBC community does not grow by itself; each individual needs to come to the realization that without their effort to spread the word about TBC, its’ growth suffers from the loss of their effort.  If the majority of Members in TBC have no interest in sharing the message of its’ abundance, then perhaps the whole idea of it will simply die on a withering vine.  Shall we DIE or NOT?  We have almost one million Members today?  Are we going to throw away all of our combined efforts and just DIE?  I hope not!

I did my best to design a system that would cause natural exuberance and that people could just not keep quiet about it.  I truly believed that we would have had a Billion millionaires and that a Billion people will have had joined while we were in the Millionaire Zone, so that the remaining people within humanity would also have the opportunity to spend some time in the last 12 Doubles in our wealth creation phase of TBC.

€ 150,083.79

Well, we don’t have a Billion Members today; and we are outside the Millionaire Zone and today we have less than a Million Members.  This is not good!  Naturally as this progresses as it has already, it will be way out of balance.  So what does “Balance” look like?  Picture a society where the lowest member of it can support his family.  That all jobs in the world pay well.  I’m not talking about setting a minimum wage here.  I’m talking about abundance so that the man that choices to wash dishes in the back of a restaurant earns enough to provide for His family.  Yes, abundance, and of course the Executive within a global corporation is paid 100 times better than that Dishwasher.  Skills vary in value and of course compensation should vary too accordingly.  But even the Dishwasher should be able to hold his head up high knowing that he CAN provide for his family.  Today the majority of open jobs pay so little that those jobs remain open for a long time and most never get filled.  What people call a Good Paying Job today, you could Not support a family on that pay; it is barely enough to satisfy the needs of the individual with that job.  The Job Market today is a complete and utter joke!  The 1% are beating down the 99% today, and it is a disgrace!

The Billion Coin is the answer the 99% are needing!  Without this answer, the Elite will succeed in depopulating the planet down to only 500,000,000 from over 7,500,000,000.  So the 99% are just killed off by the ruling class of Elite that unleash the war and plagues upon them.  I take this personally because I am a part of the 99%.  I am marked for death as much as you are.  We don’t need any more fake wars and fake diseases and to keep on pretending that the Elite have our best interests at heart.  We also are not interested in entering into a direct conflict with any one member of the Elite, we know they would think nothing to just have us killed on the spot.  TBC is the answer, we gather to ourselves, we don’t create conflicts.  As we gather to ourselves we gain strength.  We are just going to walk another way, away from the system the Elite built, we are going to do our own thing without them.  TBC is its’ own ECONOMY!

“Cookies” will balance out the TBC Economy, but right now, these “Cookies” are just an idea in my head.  We all know how a point system works.  “Cookies” are going to be our point system in Kringle Cash.  1 Cookie = 1 Kringle Coin.  To balance the TBC Economy a path will be provided to create a million Billionaires and a billion Millionaires.  Then those with wealth will have so much of it that they will provide good paying jobs to the rest of humanity either through business or lending to businesses.  We are developing a global leadership matrix of 10 x 10.

Billionaires n Millionaires

See image above–Everyone in the Blue needs to be Billionaires and all of those in the Green needs to at least be Millionaires and then the TBC Economy will be balanced and fully based in abundance.  This has not happened so far organically in our TBC community, and it is time for “Cookies” to make up the difference.


Pay $10 KC Fee and Purchase at least $100 of TBC from a Trusted Seller = 100,000,000 Cookies (Billionaire Status at maturity of TBC Coin)

Get 100 Referrals (Per Set) =  1,000,000,000 Cookies (10 Billionaire Status at maturity of TBC Coin)

These rewards above end once the Blue area of the Leadership Matrix is completely filled in.  New rewards will come to create millionaires and not billionaires when we start building out the green area of the matrix.

This is the bonus I was referring to in my previous article.  We need people to continue to buy at least a $100 worth of TBC from a Trusted Seller while we are in the wealth creation phase of TBC to keep us running smoothly.  What a deal!  Pay Admin $10 to keep the servers running, and pay $100 to a Trusted Seller to keep the system running as we build out the TBC economy and you get to become a Billionaire!

Soon you will see Cookies in the menu of your back office in Kringle Cash.  If you have met any of the Cookie Reward requirements, you will see your Cookies there.  On Christmas Day 2017 you will be able to redeem your Cookies for Kringles.  So, you will not have the power to move Cookies around like money until you redeem them on Christmas Day 2017.  Most likely, this will be true for those that will get Cookies after that, they will have to wait until Christmas Day 2018 to redeem them.  So, this bonus will do a lot of good, at the right times.

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