TBC has a serious backlog issue of Transactions.  Blockchain technology does tend to backlog; here is a backlog monitor for Bitcoin:

To take some pressure off the TBC Coin system, we will schedule downtime for new transactions from June 14th to the 17th by disabling the Send button on all wallets at that time.  We don’t expect the entire backlog to catch up by the end of that time, but we believe a large part of the backlog will get processed.

We have identified the bug in our TBC Coin system.  Recently we did expand our server base for the TBC coin network, but apparently the current configuration of the core TBC code supports only one Daemon server.  The Daemon is like the spinal cord of the TBC code.  We need a couple weeks to develop the TBC code to support unlimited Daemon servers.  Proper configuration is very important so that the new system will not allow double spending or hard forks in the blockchain.  That’s why the development period is expected to be a couple of weeks before we can install the new system.  So, we are likely to do more scheduled downtime’s over the next couple of weeks to allow the blockchain a chance to catch up on the backlog of transactions.  The good news is once this upgrade is done to the TBC coin code, it will make TBC scale-able to be able to expand to as many servers as needed to carry the load of all the transactions.  That way we can almost eliminate backlog, and certainly seriously reduce the backlog by adding more servers ongoing.  Completely disabling all new transactions from time to time will not be necessary once our system becomes scale-able.  So, this scheduled downtime is a temporary solution that is needed now, but we will not need to use it in the future once this upgrade is working and we expand into more servers too.

None of the above will affect the gift giving of Kringles within the Kringle Cash Promotion.  The gifts will still be given to all the new sign ups ongoing.  When people login to their wallets they will see the 100,000 Kringles given to them.  But no one will be able to Send coins during the scheduled downtime because the Send button will be disabled.

We have about 6,000 Testers so far for the Fiat Bank Exchange, so you better hurry up and complete annual payments for the Kringle Cash back office to qualify.

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